9 Areas To Consider When Choosing a Contractor for Your Colorado Home

It’s time to finally make the move and finish your basement or make a much-needed upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom. The most important decision you have to make is choosing the right contractor for this project. Before you make the call, consider these things first:

Perfect Turf - Licensed & Insured contractor1. Know what you want from a Contractor

Before you do anything, it is important to sit down and decide what you need done to your home or office. Lay out some goals you are looking to accomplish with this project and have them ready before you begin a search for a contractor. A professional contractor should sit down and discuss your ideas to determine the best way to accomplish what you are looking for.

2. Are they licensed and insured for your area in Colorado?

Any contractor you hire absolutely should be licensed and insured in your state (Colorado).  This way your home and you are protected from any possible damages or injuries that could occur. It is also important that before they start on your project that they obtain all necessary, accurate permits, stay up to Colorado code, and employ insured workers.

3. Are you able to see any previous work they have done?

Well established contractors typically have a website with a gallery of their work displaying past projects as well as any web reviews to refer to. If you come across a contractor without a portfolio on their website, you can ask them to share photos or to tell you about a prior project they did to give you an idea of their qualifications and expertise.

4. What is the timeline throughout the project?

Contractors are expected to provide an accurate timeline of when they project where they will be throughout the process to give a home or business owner an idea of what they can expect from beginning to end.  They should be able to lay out the steps along the way and they should keep you informed on where they are so you can make any necessary adjustments to accommodate the renovations. This is an important step to ensure this process will move smoothly.

5. Will they be at your home or business every day?

After you are given a projected schedule, the contract should be able to inform you what workers will be at the job site and how often that will be there. We recommend that you request a calendar with workdays and what will be done each day to keep the contractor accountable and to make your life a bit normalized despite what is going on.

6. How will they keep me updated?

Communication throughout the entire job process is important for both parties. Talk with the contractor so you know what to expect in terms of communication. Will they call your cell phone and/or exchange emails or text messages? Both of you should agree on the best form of communication and stick to it.

Also use this time to determine when you can reach your contractor. Ask what their after hours and weekend hours are and try to work around them unless an emergency occurs. And, you will want to have reassurance from our contractor should an emergency happen.

Protect Your Furniture7. How will they protect my property?

This is very important and will vary based on the type of project that is being done. Be sure to discuss this before any demolition begins. There will be a lot of dust accumulating so make sure that the contractor is properly covering furniture, floors, etc. to avoid any possible damage from occurring during the process.

8. What is the payment schedule?

Contractors will typically never ask for a full payment upfront and if they do you should not agree to. Discuss payment terms with them to find out how the payments will be made during the process. The size of the project will be a big factor in determining payment size and frequency so sit down with them to determine when each payment should be made, and that certain milestones are met before each one.

9. Understand your contract

The most important thing when hiring a contractor is to have a good understanding of the contract. Most contractors will require an official contract to begin work, and you should require the same. Understand all terms and conditions agreed upon so that both parties meet the obligation of the contract.

Let’s Get Started

These are some important things to remember when hiring a contractor. If you still have more questions, we can help. Give us a call at (303) 829-3374 or email us directly here to get started.